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Brave Wilderness

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  1. T. Tripp

    T. Tripp

    7 órája

    im so wowd

  2. The Baking Star

    The Baking Star

    7 órája

    Yea that is a cute.. baby sloth....

  3. Luke Delay

    Luke Delay

    7 órája

    I don’t think snakes get enough respect, with out snakes our world would be filled with big and rats and other things we don’t want, it amazing who cool snakes are when they are calm

  4. Eliee


    7 órája

    Filipinos: 😏

  5. Paul Jansen Pisco

    Paul Jansen Pisco

    7 órája

    It's really gross 🤢🤢🤢 I almost poke

  6. GameCentral


    7 órája

    0;48 who else say the fish in the bottom tide pool

  7. Yousef Ghanima

    Yousef Ghanima

    7 órája

    This guy is know probably half venom🤣🤣🤣

  8. Let's fantasy

    Let's fantasy

    7 órája

    Now we can study while watching the vid

  9. Fabian cubez and maybe games

    Fabian cubez and maybe games

    7 órája

    Now i want to get stung by a bullet ant lol

  10. Ade Fegan

    Ade Fegan

    7 órája

    Poke it with sticks while you're at it why don't you .. idiots

  11. NeonMaple


    7 órája

    It looks like I'm watching a drunk scene from a comedic movie xD

  12. Shahed and the squad

    Shahed and the squad

    7 órája

    This guy is probably half venom

  13. BlueCorp


    7 órája

    I have to give props to him grabbing it back in the case after being bit. I would have let it escape since I’d be too busy in pain on the floor 😆

  14. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

    7 órája

    5:58 hes mad as hell

  15. Charitie Oldendick

    Charitie Oldendick

    7 órája

    How did you survive even with the cast

  16. Mohamed Amir

    Mohamed Amir

    7 órája

    When he sed “it is easy as bad it is” I saw a spider on his neck 😀

  17. Langalibalele Mthimkhulu

    Langalibalele Mthimkhulu

    7 órája

    Don't you get scared?

  18. Sandeep Kumar

    Sandeep Kumar

    7 órája

    Baber Sher world strong animal

  19. Logan Lane 14 (STUDENT)

    Logan Lane 14 (STUDENT)

    7 órája


  20. Hannah McLaren

    Hannah McLaren

    7 órája

    Your videos are amazing and help me get through my spinal injury and spinal headaches. I always wanted to be a ranger but fate dealt me a different hand.

  21. faisal ali

    faisal ali

    7 órája

    في عرب؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  22. Eden Ji

    Eden Ji

    7 órája

    Hey can try to be hit by a rhino beetle

  23. Hannah McLaren

    Hannah McLaren

    7 órája

    I always wanted to be a ranger and then I broke my spine in an earthquake. Your videos help me get out of bed every day.

  24. Cire Rouse

    Cire Rouse

    7 órája

    Hey I want you to know Cait can you try and find a hermit crab or a turtle where is your gym try and find those please please please please thank you

  25. Pinky Slimes

    Pinky Slimes

    7 órája

    Who else thinks Coyote Peterson is in vinseibol

  26. Abby Sunshine

    Abby Sunshine

    8 órája

    I actually started screaming when you stung yourself

  27. Kristy Burke

    Kristy Burke

    8 órája

    I'm here from day 1 well I was here 5ys ago

  28. Animal Apple

    Animal Apple

    8 órája

    9:22 9:34 just take a look at the difference in Trent-o Face!

  29. Karl Cedric Arbonida

    Karl Cedric Arbonida

    8 órája

    Who else watched the "Bullet ant bite" video

  30. haha wong

    haha wong

    8 órája

    disgusting ...

  31. David Taylor

    David Taylor

    8 órája


  32. nvt nvt

    nvt nvt

    8 órája

    seems like a nice drink to go along with a can of surströmming.

  33. The Real Mahd

    The Real Mahd

    8 órája

    please make video on an animal called aye aye . aye aye is in madgascar

  34. Rimadi


    8 órája

    Me: sees Puke Fruit Also me: *Pukes*

  35. Theresa Melvin

    Theresa Melvin

    8 órája

    Absolutely not!!!!!!!

  36. Occult ToS

    Occult ToS

    8 órája

    The frog and the rat seem like an odd couple living in that hole together *🐸🐀*

  37. Jea Maru Reyes

    Jea Maru Reyes

    8 órája

    Coyote: **lets exotic and dangerous insects bite him** Coyote with baby sloths: This is absolutely the coolest thing I've ever done

  38. Extacy


    8 órája

    Mom: go play with the neighbours kid The neighbours kid: 7:17

  39. Occult ToS

    Occult ToS

    9 órája

    Came here for Chupacabra

  40. Gibraltar


    9 órája

    Little man is afraid of needle but not bullet ant In Soviet Russia 🇷🇺 we are afraid of nothing

  41. Lita


    9 órája

    LOL funny Coyote, Mario & Crew RIP fruit funny video I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅

  42. Robin Klau

    Robin Klau

    9 órája


  43. Andrew Revinsky

    Andrew Revinsky

    9 órája

    Seems like we got a new Rowan here! They’re contagious!

  44. Aarya R

    Aarya R

    9 órája

    holy cow

  45. ThunderShadowBreaker


    9 órája

    Finally he bites the food instead of him getting bitten

  46. Jurassic? Go

    Jurassic? Go

    9 órája


  47. Ocean Plays Roblox

    Ocean Plays Roblox

    9 órája


  48. Lil Nitzy

    Lil Nitzy

    9 órája

    You probably struggling getting into your pants with such gigantic nuts

  49. muhanned arab

    muhanned arab

    9 órája


  50. Hassan Javed

    Hassan Javed

    9 órája

    Plot twist: Trent-O has no taste buds.

  51. ツalexpanayotov6942


    9 órája

    Im shitting myself just watching this

  52. Creese da Mouse

    Creese da Mouse

    9 órája

    You can see the excitement on Mario's face.

  53. Robin Klau

    Robin Klau

    9 órája

    I feel so bad for him

  54. Robin Klau

    Robin Klau

    9 órája

    No no no

  55. sseedell


    9 órája

    The lions are like 'Jeez...what was in that gazelle we ate'

  56. Lecify1x


    9 órája

    me after watching this : scared if a spider is around me

  57. muhanned arab

    muhanned arab

    9 órája


  58. muhanned arab

    muhanned arab

    9 órája

    OH NO

  59. muhanned arab

    muhanned arab

    9 órája


  60. Natasha Dawe

    Natasha Dawe

    9 órája


  61. Koppány Horváth

    Koppány Horváth

    9 órája

    I would put it on something else 😉

  62. magic billy 2.0

    magic billy 2.0

    9 órája

    wow you coyote whos a grown man is still scared of needles?

  63. Samiul Islam Season

    Samiul Islam Season

    9 órája

    ooo gusi gusi baby sloth . it's just soooo cute

  64. jakeisawesomebaby


    9 órája

    12:17 he sounds like a minecraft ghast

  65. Dolan 11

    Dolan 11

    9 órája

    Pinoy: puke😝

  66. Elij Bumatay

    Elij Bumatay

    10 órája

    Mario: thats a very venomous snake :0 *picks it up like its not poisoness*

  67. muhanned arab

    muhanned arab

    10 órája

    No don't do it

  68. The Jaydee Fam

    The Jaydee Fam

    10 órája

    If you’re reading this, “It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” ✨ just a little quote I wanted to share 💛 happy Sunday! Remember, you are worth it! No matter what, try to keep a positive attitude! Especially during these tough times 💛 we must stay strong for one another!!

  69. Yogesh Boodeney

    Yogesh Boodeney

    10 órája

    Why is he overreacting?

  70. Haya Badtameez

    Haya Badtameez

    10 órája

    A kid cannot live without candy literally coyote not letting the pickaxe out of his site

  71. ella ruz

    ella ruz

    10 órája

    new rare animal rusty spotted cat smallest cat in the world

  72. Natasha Dawe

    Natasha Dawe

    10 órája

    Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwwwww