Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness

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Follow along with Coyote Peterson, Mark Vins and Mario Aldecoa as they lead you on a variety of expeditions featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tiger Sharks! Every single episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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  1. Harrisonf Nguyen

    Harrisonf Nguyen

    18 órája

    You are so brave

  2. Katie Hess

    Katie Hess

    18 órája

    There was a dinosaur called the spinosaurus it was bigger than the tea Rex and the allosaurus also it could swim

  3. Andrew Yarnish

    Andrew Yarnish

    18 órája

    This will kill him one day just like the crocodile hunter.

  4. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm

    18 órája


  5. Xinyu Ji

    Xinyu Ji

    18 órája

    What happened to cyote

  6. solomon?


    18 órája

    My little brother got stung by one when we were children, We thought it was a weird balloon and there’s pictures of the aftermath lol memories,, See in our minds at that point a jellyfish had a certain look and the man of war, which we didn’t know about, didn’t match that. So we’d honestly thought maybe a balloon had been out on the sea long enough for the air inside to contract and make it deflate. He was maybe 5 at the time?

  7. William Paoli

    William Paoli

    18 órája

    So glad my mother taught me to treat animals the same as fellow humans! I love and respect all forms of life.

  8. H E N R Y

    H E N R Y

    18 órája

    A face only a mother can love lol

  9. William Pham

    William Pham

    18 órája

    Yo how do you know if it’s a female or male

  10. GamingWithAlex


    18 órája

    This video was posted at this day last year exactly

  11. snypem


    18 órája

    What if the gar isn't caught, what happens then?

  12. hdc jake

    hdc jake

    18 órája

    Damns tickle at my belly ... I feel it

  13. Gabe R

    Gabe R

    18 órája

    Wolfs have saved humans but all they get back in return is being killed...

  14. the real Rob Stark

    the real Rob Stark

    18 órája

    It looks like a giant roach

  15. Mun ki Ryu

    Mun ki Ryu

    18 órája

    Mario’s a really good photographer

  16. Alexis Crank

    Alexis Crank

    19 órája

    Sloths are my favorite animal my family thinks I’m weird

  17. Grain 567

    Grain 567

    19 órája

    coyote: OWWW F*** also coyote: this is fine

  18. mikenative


    19 órája

    Those are the wrong Hexarmour gloves. You have the HERCULES 400R6E which are not the proper bite proof ones, you should be using the HERCULES R8E 3180 aka venom defenders 🤣🤣🤣 Honestly you really should check the Hexarmour website because those gloves are not certified for needle stick or snakebites 🤦‍♂️

  19. Jason doing random thing on Youtube

    Jason doing random thing on Youtube

    19 órája

    Oh, he's alive, I thought he finally kicked the bucket. That's good

  20. Harold Joyce

    Harold Joyce

    19 órája

    I love you cyote

  21. Tawana Nduku

    Tawana Nduku

    19 órája

    Bro and why is it in a strike position that just makes it even scarier

  22. Tawana Nduku

    Tawana Nduku

    19 órája

    Do wtf there is a venomous snake behind him and he is so casual about it

  23. Efe Duran

    Efe Duran

    19 órája

    Arent little scorpions more lethal ?

  24. zarni myo win

    zarni myo win

    19 órája

    5 year old me saw a snake and 5 year old me wanna touch it Coyote Keet the cow killer 5 year old me:....0_0 JHJHSDBJAHHGsghdjjdjbdjdsadkiUGDBJGDFD

  25. zarni myo win

    zarni myo win

    19 órája

    Coyote u should stop doing these thing

  26. Agent Kowalsky

    Agent Kowalsky

    19 órája

    Can we just appreciate the splendid Creations of nature? Peter and his Crew make us take a trip into nature and its wonders. Perfect to get reminded of nature from our busy lives.

  27. Yousef gaming

    Yousef gaming

    19 órája

    I feel so bad for that everyone subscribe to him and like and hit the bell

  28. Lafabl


    19 órája

    1, coughing stops pain receptors 2, my moto for stuff like this is “lets just get this over with”

  29. Ava T

    Ava T

    19 órája

    AHHHHHH that must of heart

  30. Abhishek Rai

    Abhishek Rai

    19 órája

    bruh... he can easily ignore back biting people

  31. Nur Maisara

    Nur Maisara

    19 órája

    That looks like a giant cockroach but white color

  32. name lastname

    name lastname

    19 órája

    So he is an immortal

  33. Gio Casanova

    Gio Casanova

    19 órája

    We had a ranch out in Texas. I always saw these ants all over the place super beautiful. I think my instincts kicked in and I never picked it up because when I got close to one it resembles a wasp plus bright colors sometimes mean stay away.

  34. 5D17 LEE TSZ CHING


    19 órája

    Oh my god. How can anyone be that brave?

  35. :idiot_sus:


    19 órája

    me got stung by dung and now i cant feel my arm:)

  36. Lee Martin

    Lee Martin

    19 órája

    Well I know one what will be in there there will be a cobra

  37. Earnest Loo

    Earnest Loo

    19 órája

    The sticky lamb unexpectedly wobble because december interspecifically challenge beside a icy winter. six, arrogant january

  38. lemonMan


    19 órája

    i like how they always find a log to get stung on lol

  39. Mas Dan

    Mas Dan

    19 órája

    Yeee, my country fruit, Indopride. Hahaha

  40. Lillie


    19 órája

    Mark: Do they smell or anything Coyote: SmElL lIkE mUd

  41. Im V

    Im V

    19 órája

    I love spiders, how could people hate these creatures just because they look scary?

  42. Gaming with foxy

    Gaming with foxy

    19 órája


  43. Kelice Beckford

    Kelice Beckford

    19 órája

    it spites right

  44. 3in1


    19 órája

    They fall out of the sky where I'm from..very common in parking lots..

  45. Renaye


    19 órája

    "MAN OF WAR"...AUSSIES: "thats just a blue bottle"

  46. Earnest Loo

    Earnest Loo

    19 órája

    The afraid blanket inherently bump because fountain unlikely satisfy given a addicted belief. spotted, tightfisted deodorant

  47. Clint Westwood

    Clint Westwood

    19 órája


  48. Dravish Nathalal

    Dravish Nathalal

    19 órája

    He has a pickle chug jug

  49. Arya keep safe

    Arya keep safe

    19 órája

    This is awesome. Those white wolves are stunning , although all of them are beautiful.

  50. Leif Hasoon

    Leif Hasoon

    19 órája

    Coyote in 10 years:” i’m coyote peterson and,i’m about to get biten by a trex

  51. Lxndyn_Girl


    19 órája


  52. Clint Westwood

    Clint Westwood

    19 órája

    at 11:22 that blue chrome color of the wasp is Beautiful.

  53. Michelle McHugh

    Michelle McHugh

    19 órája


  54. ranju ido

    ranju ido

    19 órája

    Fire ant

  55. Arya keep safe

    Arya keep safe

    19 órája

    What gorgeous thick coats wolves have .

  56. Ranjira


    19 órája

    I lack any Phobia's myself (and a Flight response tbh) and honestly this doesn't 'bug' me as much as it probably should lol it's my philosophy Animals should be Respected not feared. but I can understand Phobias in the sense that they are irrational and those who do suffer from them cannot help it.

  57. Llfysn


    19 órája

    I didn't know the meanings of their names, just by looking at them I thought they were named after the distances between two legs (For Americans, a millimeter is a tenth of a centimeter)

  58. João Pedro Luna Alves

    João Pedro Luna Alves

    20 órája

    only thing left to do is put that glove full of bullet ants of that tribe

  59. Melissa the front of her and she said it and she told you  Cordero2 and not only are the things you are just fine

    Melissa the front of her and she said it and she told you Cordero2 and not only are the things you are just fine

    20 órája

    I like the best snails and underwater

  60. Chew Yun Yee

    Chew Yun Yee

    20 órája


  61. Faris Khalife

    Faris Khalife

    20 órája

    Man those dogs can bite hard

  62. BRISEN


    20 órája

    I have news for you biden, I will go wherever the hell I please whenever te hell I please and you can't stop me. "The results have been nothing short of spectacular"; bloodclots: am I a joke to you.

  63. jithin. kesanapalli

    jithin. kesanapalli

    20 órája


  64. Janiel Hernandez

    Janiel Hernandez

    20 órája

    what if the animals that are nice you can keep em

  65. Tenchy


    20 órája

    I like he’s using a knife trying to cut it up while some other guy I just watched stabbed and ripped the coconut with his teeth

  66. SaifTheAvenger


    20 órája

    Actually one of my uncle's got a baby lion and it's white! Is it same??

  67. Zein Ismail

    Zein Ismail

    20 órája

    No one will ever get out of coyote

  68. Peaf0wl AJ

    Peaf0wl AJ

    20 órája

    It’s weird how Jurassic world got velociraptors (a 2 foot tall feathered dinosaur) and made it large and scary

  69. Jeikumon F

    Jeikumon F

    20 órája

    Spoiler so you don’t waste your time: it didn’t bite 🤣

  70. VisonaryAnime


    20 órája

    ...did they blur...out the urine? da fa...

  71. Peaf0wl AJ

    Peaf0wl AJ

    20 órája

    I like crocs better cuz they not chonk

  72. Javan Zimmerman

    Javan Zimmerman

    20 órája

    I think I'm going to go with team Paleo!

  73. 5D17 LEE TSZ CHING


    20 órája

    Coyote and Coyote

  74. Montanna Pemen-Patterson

    Montanna Pemen-Patterson

    20 órája

    Brave boy: AHHHHH I CANT FEEL MY ARM IM DYING HHHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPPPP Camera man:should I be worried!?