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Dare me to eat SNAKE FRUIT?

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the crew are in Costa Rica and they've come across some big fuzzy fruits -- also known as SNAKE FRUIT! So, they definitely are strange-looking, but what does snake fruit taste like? Get ready to find out as Coyote test-tastes the fuzzy fruits!

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  1. Codename: Emperor

    Codename: Emperor


    That not snake fruit that is salak

  2. Mr CH

    Mr CH

    3 órája

    0:10 can be taken out of context real fast

  3. Leo Roman Mabiasen

    Leo Roman Mabiasen

    3 órája

    I never see you wear a mask

  4. Kai Johnson

    Kai Johnson

    5 órája

    I hate the excessive use if emojis and weird noises in this hope it don't continue

  5. Sonii Lewis

    Sonii Lewis

    7 órája


  6. JZ


    7 órája

    My first thought was, those fruits could use some manscaped

  7. ReshiRom


    8 órája


  8. Ryan Eng

    Ryan Eng

    8 órája

    Thx for telling me what name the fruit was because I have ate it alot of times but I have never known the name of it.

  9. MacLaren Livesay

    MacLaren Livesay

    10 órája

    Hey Coyote how do you know if a tree is a male or female?

  10. daniel villanueva xia

    daniel villanueva xia

    12 órája

    yes, eat

  11. Alavez


    13 órája

    Ah yes Salak

  12. pineapple


    15 órája

    For a minute there I thought I saw some human nutsacks on the thumbnail

  13. Taylor Penn

    Taylor Penn

    15 órája

    Can I be a brave member?

  14. Anne Foley

    Anne Foley

    15 órája

    It reminds me of chestnuts.

  15. Hannah Montgomery

    Hannah Montgomery

    17 órája

    This is helping me for school my teacher would be like did u do ur homework I’m like um yes Teacher:where’s ur book Me:in my head miss Teacher:ok we’re did u get 5he information Mum:ever heard of youtube miss

  16. crystal gamers

    crystal gamers

    17 órája

    Bruh we literelly have that in supermarkets and in indonesia its called "buah salak"

  17. Nizamuddin Nadzri

    Nizamuddin Nadzri

    19 órája

    I've tasted that so many times.... And I love it.

  18. KangIam89


    19 órája

    In Indonesia we call this SALAK

  19. Adrian D.

    Adrian D.

    19 órája

    Irl rokakaka tree and fruits

  20. Rafi Surya Putra

    Rafi Surya Putra

    20 órája


  21. Gabriel


    20 órája

    Rick Grimes of potatoes

  22. Samantha Abigail

    Samantha Abigail

    22 órája

    I'm from Indonesia!! That fruit tastes good. And I'm confused how you know the gender difference of plants?

  23. Tanut Sirapornpirun

    Tanut Sirapornpirun

    23 órája

    We have those and it sells for around $3 for 2kg

  24. Na


    23 órája

    in Indonesia we called it salak fruits

  25. Kefas Jaler Putro Lanang H

    Kefas Jaler Putro Lanang H



  26. I gede jerry lee meydiadnya no:06 kls:XIIBB1

    I gede jerry lee meydiadnya no:06 kls:XIIBB1


    Indonesia = salak

  27. evan schmidtke

    evan schmidtke


    all my childhood is him

  28. athar anindyo wicaksono

    athar anindyo wicaksono


    in indonesia they call that salak

  29. Uncle Drew shoe review

    Uncle Drew shoe review


    Can you show us how to treat catus thorns after you bite into one please it's not for me it's for a friend

  30. FuKhayRo



    I ever eat it before

  31. Juelz R

    Juelz R


    they kinda look like strawberrys

  32. Aaron B

    Aaron B


    i think you'd get along great with the Weird Explorer

  33. xlilith mythx

    xlilith mythx


    What a bloody legend

  34. GirgDoesNothing



    My weird self was gonna say they look like tarantula abdomens.

  35. Trevgauntlet Neu

    Trevgauntlet Neu


    Hello, boys *chews small Snake Fruit and spits it out* It's not ripe

  36. Syahmi Irfan

    Syahmi Irfan


    Buah Salak

  37. Danielle Clements

    Danielle Clements


    he should eat a cacktis

  38. Kate Greaves

    Kate Greaves


    what's with all the emojis?

  39. D0ggyW0ggy12



    If you look in the background you see a house

  40. laisas100



    what does snake fruit mean is it the actual snake food or just the name of it.

  41. Lucas Diaz

    Lucas Diaz


    I don’t like all of the emojis he is using

  42. OPJuiceBox



    So many sound effects and emojis

  43. Qudus Darasimi

    Qudus Darasimi



  44. Marshall When It Matters The Most

    Marshall When It Matters The Most


    Hi Im Cayote Peterson Lets See On How Much Does A Break Up Scales Through The Mental Pain Index.

  45. Sup Soul

    Sup Soul


    I dare you to eat pitayas in Jalisco. They'll be in season within a month.

  46. pubg gaming yt

    pubg gaming yt


    Search "Rohit Giri" on youtube channel..He is far better than him😊❤

  47. cheyenne murray

    cheyenne murray


    I have washed you since I was 5 and I am 8 now

  48. Denilson Bessie

    Denilson Bessie


    Salak pondoh

  49. Stephanie Aldridge

    Stephanie Aldridge


    1:19 HABIDAD

  50. Fusion Exotics

    Fusion Exotics


    700k views just to watch you eat a damn SNAKE FRUIT!?? If you ever go to bali indonesia they have these in each hotel room as part of their complimentary fruit bowls. Tastes kinda funky but its not bad

  51. Gilang Abdillah

    Gilang Abdillah


    Salak ngab salakkkkk

  52. abraham niang

    abraham niang


    we have something very similar in senegal called konkorong

  53. funky555



    that tree is me after NNN

  54. Eko Razaki

    Eko Razaki


    This fruit is super super common in southeast asia, taste amazing and really affordable

  55. tr1gunz



    buah salak cuk wkwkk

  56. Ronald Rodriguez

    Ronald Rodriguez


    I've tried a few in Indonesia, they are pretty fun to eat (when they are selling them on the streets the bottom prickly bits are already shaved off) kind of like eating peanuts once you start you keep going. Not really the tastiest fruit still enjoyable. Peeling them is also satisfying.

  57. goldentwillight



    You know what do you want showed me the other one was there in the spikes the other one for the video I have 🤩🤩🤩😛😛😛

  58. CreamyPie



    In Indonesia we called it "Salak"

  59. Abel Sutha panghestu

    Abel Sutha panghestu


    Its salak its Indonesia fruit 🙂

  60. Paleolitikum



    it taste soo good

  61. Andrie Isbell

    Andrie Isbell


    The fruit name is salak

  62. IReAlywIShIKnEW_why :c

    IReAlywIShIKnEW_why :c


    He called it a friggen POTATO!

  63. Mochammad Aditya Dwi Amanda

    Mochammad Aditya Dwi Amanda



  64. IReAlywIShIKnEW_why :c

    IReAlywIShIKnEW_why :c


    I love eating that fruit!

  65. Robert Graham

    Robert Graham


    probably better cooked

  66. Scary death

    Scary death


    oh he still is alive

  67. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson

    2 napja

    one thing why so many emojis?

  68. sean wagman

    sean wagman

    2 napja

    Is it bussin bussin byssin

  69. Fahreza Emerald Annas

    Fahreza Emerald Annas

    2 napja

    warn, this fruits cause constipate xD

  70. Nemo O

    Nemo O

    2 napja

    Man ate the snake snake fruit and now has the power to turn any of his limbs into snakes

  71. Meduza ツ

    Meduza ツ

    2 napja

    Bruh, dangerous fruit? I always eat that food when going to Thailand 🤣❤️

  72. CHS JB

    CHS JB

    2 napja

    1:20 habithat 🤝 new word

  73. cuddle_ elf_

    cuddle_ elf_

    2 napja

    is it just me beacue i was not thinking of figs if you know what i mean if not your too young

  74. Lid Harp

    Lid Harp

    2 napja

    Me: BIG FUZZY BA.. Coyote: FRUITS Me:oh yeah totally Sorry I thought it would be funny

  75. De' Hoshi

    De' Hoshi

    2 napja

    in malaysia we call it buah salak , and i love it tooo

  76. Rhyian Jae

    Rhyian Jae

    2 napja

    Thats luffy fruit lol

  77. Jayden Osachuk

    Jayden Osachuk

    2 napja

    Fruits kinda sus ngl

  78. tulen


    2 napja

    buah salak bah tu

  79. Farid Farhan

    Farid Farhan

    2 napja

    Salacca = salak 🇮🇩. Javanese believe that salak tree is home to genderuwo 😂

  80. Kevin O'Brien

    Kevin O'Brien

    2 napja

    You look so good for your age btw I have your book and I love it I think you should by it

  81. Basmahimsa


    2 napja

    Come visit Sleman, Jogjakarta, Indonesia coyote. You can found salak often in fruit store.🤣

  82. Dnl Ntl

    Dnl Ntl

    2 napja

    "dare me to eat snake fruit" me like.... I ate 1kg alone bruh 😂😂😂

  83. skye stevens

    skye stevens

    2 napja

    i love your vids

  84. bruh kid

    bruh kid

    2 napja

    Literally The Only Channel In the whole world that doesn't clickbate

  85. super gaming tapper

    super gaming tapper

    2 napja

    that's from indonesia

  86. Abdul Halim Bydi

    Abdul Halim Bydi

    2 napja

    Indonesia be like : this salak

  87. Ameen Popal

    Ameen Popal

    2 napja

    3030: GETING BIT BY 1000 BULL ANTS !

  88. Ameen Popal

    Ameen Popal

    2 napja


  89. D Angus

    D Angus

    2 napja

    I wonder if it'd taste better if you cooked or fried them (since its a bit starchy).

  90. sauod XR

    sauod XR

    2 napja

    اول عربي

  91. Firman Rudi Kurniawan

    Firman Rudi Kurniawan

    2 napja

    Njir salak bro

  92. James Mendez

    James Mendez

    2 napja

    Yo it kind of looks like rambotan

  93. hafiz The rurouni

    hafiz The rurouni

    2 napja

    thst fruit are soo good! i can eat 20-30 off those! the fruit has 2 type. one look like this in the video. and the other one look a little bit longer in shape. but both are soo good!

  94. No-visor


    2 napja

    1:36 yea it’s a nu. ....a ripe fig oh yea

  95. Navy Buffalo

    Navy Buffalo

    2 napja


  96. J Block

    J Block

    2 napja

    Can we take a moment at 1:38 when he says what they look like he figs he know damn well what we were thinking balls

  97. ninz military

    ninz military

    2 napja

    Ummmm whattt but I do alot of dare devil stuff why do u do that??

  98. Hafizi Hambari

    Hafizi Hambari

    2 napja

    We kids, love to collect the seeds.. the seeds are pretty beautiful after you eat all the juicy parts..

  99. Master-san


    2 napja

    For all the indonesian that somewhat implying it's normal only in their country, no you're wrong. Most of asia knows what it is.

  100. Kale


    2 napja

    we call it buah Salak in Malaysia. pretty delicious tbh