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EATEN ALIVE by Sea Lamprey!

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In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is entering the Bite Zone with.. the Sea Lamprey! What is a Sea Lamprey, you might ask? Good question! Sea Lamprey are slime-covered parasitic predators that have invaded the Great Lakes! So, Sea Lamprey are a threat to fish.. but do they pose a threat to humans?! Watch now to see if Coyote is EATEN ALIVE by close to 100 Sea Lamprey!
Watch Coyote get suctioned by Sea Lamprey in Part 2! - bit.ly/sealamprey2
Big thank you to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Hammond Bay Biological Station for hosting us for this episode! These organizations are on the fore front of Great Lakes research. If you would like to learn more or have the desire to join the fight against Sea Lamprey, contact the Great Lakes Fishery Commission: www.glfc.int
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.


  1. Brave Wilderness

    Brave Wilderness

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    Are you curious to learn more about sea lamprey and how this devastating invasive species is controlled? Visit the Great Lakes Fishery Commission website (www.glfc.int) and follow on Facebook & Twitter (@LampreyControl)!

    • winter xe

      winter xe

      6 napja

      It's scary

    • Matěj Stavělík

      Matěj Stavělík

      7 napja

      Why you do that?

    • Nooraa Althani

      Nooraa Althani

      9 napja

      I think the best way to get a person is to be a good person to be a part of the team

    • athina chrisostomou

      athina chrisostomou

      13 napja

      Omg is fantastic

    • Sunburn_plays SUNNY

      Sunburn_plays SUNNY

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      This is reply

  2. princes collados

    princes collados


    Cayote: there is good blood right there! lamprey: **makes out with a glass**

  3. Bradleystill Plays

    Bradleystill Plays

    6 órája

    Looks like a mini version of that Star Wars monster in return of the Jedi

  4. Arach NOphobia

    Arach NOphobia

    14 órája

    They dont like your blood becose there is to much venom inside😂

  5. Hsu Wai Hlaing

    Hsu Wai Hlaing

    16 órája

    Is to creepy

  6. Cleo Chan

    Cleo Chan

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  7. アンティオコス


    18 órája

    these things are straight outta Dune

  8. Caleb


    23 órája

    They look like stringbeans

  9. Sanghyun You

    Sanghyun You


    why dont you try and hold a fly and get bit by a venus fly rap

  10. Athraa Majiet

    Athraa Majiet


    They don't humans blood because or blood are warm and there divide cold blood from fish

    • Athraa Majiet

      Athraa Majiet


      So that thay can choy to drink

  11. Tianna Elliott

    Tianna Elliott


    I wouldn't do that if I were you cuz you know those things bite I wouldn't do that

  12. Nataliya İnce

    Nataliya İnce



  13. Nataliya İnce

    Nataliya İnce


    Don’t do it you will hurt pls don’t do it! Pls pls!

  14. Maria Tiziana Conoci

    Maria Tiziana Conoci



  15. Eggasurus



    Pretty much the leeches but wayyyyy different

  16. Gabbi Rae

    Gabbi Rae

    2 napja

    Aaaahhhhhhh! No! Ew! Braver than I

  17. spastickitchen


    2 napja

    Smart lamprey. They must know Coyote's blood is probably 50% venom at this point.

  18. big mama eternal

    big mama eternal

    2 napja

    I will never do that if I were you

  19. Claustrophobia BBAJ

    Claustrophobia BBAJ

    2 napja

    0:23 aw thats a cute cat (if its a cat.)

  20. Amir Amarir

    Amir Amarir

    2 napja

    OMG please don’t die

  21. Nikki Lawson

    Nikki Lawson

    2 napja

    What are you doing?

  22. Green Squirrel

    Green Squirrel

    2 napja

    Say whatever, lampreys are way better than hagfish.

  23. Green Squirrel

    Green Squirrel

    2 napja

    The sea lamprey looks like plecos, but I am happy with my plecos.

  24. Night Youth

    Night Youth

    2 napja

    What i just saw....Daaaamn

  25. 1161 martha

    1161 martha

    2 napja

    omg 😱😱😱🤮🤮🤮😰😰😰

  26. JakyJakeSA


    2 napja

    Lamphrey: GLASSSW Coyote: Please eat me Also Lamphrey: EATING EACHOTHER

  27. •

    2 napja

    6:30 thank me later

  28. Will


    3 napja

    You couldnt pay me any amount to be like Coyote Peterson. This guy had the biggest balls in the history of mankind

  29. HouseProudCleaning Co

    HouseProudCleaning Co

    3 napja

    I love it I do feel bad for you for pain

  30. japheth Thomas

    japheth Thomas

    3 napja

    Why would you do that wyyyyyy we know you doing it for experiments but find something else to post on HUeye



    3 napja

    Just put a fish in there



    3 napja

    I mean feel not fee



    3 napja

    I fee bad

  34. Martin van Diermen

    Martin van Diermen

    3 napja

    swiggle swiggle

  35. Jannat


    3 napja

    Don’t pot yor hand🤒🤒🤒🤐🤐🤐

  36. Santino Cassetta

    Santino Cassetta

    3 napja

    Are you always want to get bit by animals

  37. Toronto Latino

    Toronto Latino

    4 napja


  38. A D

    A D

    4 napja

    Don’t get any other crazy ideas while no one’s looking

  39. Joseph Elmore

    Joseph Elmore

    4 napja

    How much animal bites/stings can this guy survive...? Is this dude immortal...?

  40. Lawrence Manuel A. Ballena Jr.

    Lawrence Manuel A. Ballena Jr.

    5 napja

    They have eyes

  41. SLING PH


    5 napja

    6:30 icant watch

  42. Jelly Jean Bean

    Jelly Jean Bean

    5 napja


  43. Joos Gallardo

    Joos Gallardo

    5 napja

    Hard experience!!! :D

  44. Rakishant Raki

    Rakishant Raki

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  45. Nik M.khalaf

    Nik M.khalaf

    5 napja

    Hi are you ok

  46. Thai Fitness

    Thai Fitness

    5 napja

    The Netflix movie "What Lies Below" brought me here.

  47. Angellie mallari

    Angellie mallari

    6 napja

    PreyLamprey or may be ham

    • Angellie mallari

      Angellie mallari

      6 napja

      Am preyLamprey or h

  48. Agustin Anib

    Agustin Anib

    6 napja

    Corne mo

  49. Michael Lawson

    Michael Lawson

    6 napja

    Watch out for Mr. Gray.

  50. Eisa Zhao

    Eisa Zhao

    6 napja

    Can a shark eat it

  51. Jamie-lee Worsley

    Jamie-lee Worsley

    6 napja

    I like how coyote gets almost eaten alive for Fans

  52. Chenterr


    6 napja

    They look cute

  53. Chenterr


    6 napja

    The sea lantern?

  54. black and white nightmares

    black and white nightmares

    6 napja

    Coyote Peterson in 10 years today we are going to revive a megalodon and put our arms in its mouth

  55. winter xe

    winter xe

    6 napja


  56. Handsome Hank

    Handsome Hank

    6 napja

    Chutiya bana raha hai

  57. Shenari Lavanya

    Shenari Lavanya

    6 napja

    Feed em!!!!!

  58. Earl Buyea

    Earl Buyea

    6 napja

    Is he crazy

  59. Angela Moore

    Angela Moore

    7 napja


  60. Ezeckuel Therrien

    Ezeckuel Therrien

    7 napja

    How do you take them off

    • Chenterr


      6 napja

      Eat them

  61. SuperHuggz


    7 napja

    Those r in the great lakes? Greattttttt... Thank God I have never seen one in my 27 years of swimming in the great lakes.

  62. Einos Saarinen

    Einos Saarinen

    7 napja

    Who else just skipped to the part when he put hes hands in there😂😂😂

    • Chenterr


      6 napja


  63. donald hickman

    donald hickman

    7 napja

    Lamprey: dude we dont swing that way

  64. Nyssa Brown

    Nyssa Brown

    8 napja

    Man. Your job sucks.



    8 napja

    The headline: EATEN ALIVE BY A SEA LAMPREY HIS CAMERAMAN HAD ONE THING TO SAY: you ok? Edit: all the dislikes are from the fish that got offended when he said “so unless you are a fish you have nothing to worry about”

  66. fredstar 2000

    fredstar 2000

    8 napja

    Coyote: I'm a buffet! Lamprey: mmmmhhh glass

  67. Kpop Short

    Kpop Short

    8 napja


  68. Dorothy Joy Macapagal

    Dorothy Joy Macapagal

    9 napja

    Looks scary tho but is cool to watch

  69. Melek Usmanova

    Melek Usmanova

    9 napja

    i don’t like how they bite you and gross ew ew ew ew

  70. melody powell

    melody powell

    9 napja

    Um coyote are you sure you want to do this because you could not do it please yeah my dad already did it so you don't have to do it

  71. mattewswitch hp don't matter

    mattewswitch hp don't matter

    9 napja

    How can you do that you just 😧



    9 napja

    Yay coyote peterson yay what



      9 napja


  73. Solomon Flippo

    Solomon Flippo

    9 napja

    You are crazy dude why would you do that 😀😀😀

    • Chenterr


      6 napja

      No u

  74. Monster KILL

    Monster KILL

    9 napja

    I think her courage to get bite by the most dangerous animal in the world.... Come to her cowboy hat

  75. WkeyVFX


    10 napja

    disliked cuz i wasted 10 mins

    • Chenterr


      6 napja

      No u

  76. Gdhd Ydydhd

    Gdhd Ydydhd

    10 napja

    You rescue dhead

  77. Anthony V.

    Anthony V.

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  78. Im_ a_loser

    Im_ a_loser

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  79. Kiema Gen

    Kiema Gen

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    Satisfying LMAO 😂😆

  80. Kauan Ottoni

    Kauan Ottoni

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    Sou o único brasileiro que assisti isso? Kk

  81. FlamingDragon


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    I came here looking for free robux

  82. The G’joob who plays among us and roblox

    The G’joob who plays among us and roblox

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    Don’t do it

  83. Skater Eh

    Skater Eh

    12 napja

    Oh crap he have come back to life

  84. Brandt Aubrey

    Brandt Aubrey

    12 napja

    Have you ever taken a hit from a bobbit worm

  85. Helma Your gorl

    Helma Your gorl

    12 napja

    How do u survive my bro

  86. Kuba Svoboda

    Kuba Svoboda

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  87. ยศนนท์ ทองบุญ

    ยศนนท์ ทองบุญ

    13 napja

    x fish

  88. Vic Tablet

    Vic Tablet

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  89. Jai Louder

    Jai Louder

    13 napja

    How did he get to this

  90. Alessandro Mistretta

    Alessandro Mistretta

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    tu sei malato

  91. Dominika Szabó

    Dominika Szabó

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  92. sTone ForesT

    sTone ForesT

    13 napja

    I saw on the show, dirty jobs, that if you spit in a tank of lampreys they just freak out

  93. Rufaida Serabani

    Rufaida Serabani

    13 napja

    Grabeng sakit to

  94. Mary Roungou

    Mary Roungou

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    OMG !!!😱😱😱😱😱😱

  95. XxTeddyYT


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    They are deadly

  96. Timothy Epifanio Tarawan 1412061

    Timothy Epifanio Tarawan 1412061

    13 napja

    What did sea lamprey eat?

  97. Ash& HisWeirdVideos

    Ash& HisWeirdVideos

    14 napja

    How is this guy still alive

  98. Jay ll YT

    Jay ll YT

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    Imagine seeing coyote with a little puppy with a hat so cute

  99. saima Arif

    saima Arif

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  100. Becky L

    Becky L

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    they are ssooo ew