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EATEN ALIVE - Human Hands vs. Piranha!

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In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is doing the unthinkable.. he's putting his hands in a tank full of PIRANHA! Get ready to see if he will be EATEN ALIVE by these flesh-eating fish in Human Hands vs. Piranha!
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  1. Fox Animatez

    Fox Animatez

    5 órája

    This dude probably has the cure to covid in his veins-

  2. Fox Animatez

    Fox Animatez

    5 órája

    Oh a snake bite! *Content!* agghh...

  3. NotGoldo


    6 órája

    He is lucky he didn't get bit first round

  4. Kim Rasmussen

    Kim Rasmussen

    6 órája

    When I look at when his hand is in the fish tank I shake so much. But there is literally no bite-

  5. Jamie Lilly

    Jamie Lilly

    8 órája

    how did he not get bit by the piranhas they only smack him with their tails

  6. Jamie Lilly

    Jamie Lilly

    8 órája

    I like all the animals I see you don’t get to see every day

  7. Jamie Lilly

    Jamie Lilly

    8 órája

    How does he not cry when he gets bitten

  8. Basketballman TV

    Basketballman TV

    9 órája

    I’m in Cincinnati

  9. Thrillhunter


    9 órája

    thats clearly a temporary tank for the camera. the fish will be scared and not want to bite anything.

  10. Daniel Dunning

    Daniel Dunning

    11 órája

    I heard from a minecraft youtuber that piranhas don't bite people if ur in invested waters of them

  11. Ranyae Freitas meah

    Ranyae Freitas meah

    13 órája

    SADJA ?

  12. Valid VIone

    Valid VIone

    13 órája

    Plot Twist: They fed the piranhas before the video.

  13. Henry Bates

    Henry Bates

    16 órája

    If that was blackish water one or 2 plants not so bright then they will attack

  14. Avactus Samarus

    Avactus Samarus

    17 órája

    Guys watch his ads for him to get money, trust me he deserves it

  15. Ramon


    18 órája

    I have heard that with the smell of blood they go full on the attack. If a fish is bleeding, it sends a signal that the animal is injured and weak and then they go full on the attack. Add some blood and you will get a completely different reality. Greetings from the Netherlands

  16. IAm Tired

    IAm Tired


    Next time drop some blood in there with your hand

  17. Unfixingalloy1



    Im Coyote Peterson, and Im about to slap a Rhino so you know that it is not a safe pet

  18. Unfixingalloy1



    Coyote Peterson - Im done with stings guys Also Coyote - Ive got a tank of piranhas and 10 fingers. Lets change that

  19. Ruegger 006

    Ruegger 006


    What about with blood?

  20. zllle.



    Coyote Peterson: these fish are very dangerous you get bit by one of these and your in trouble Also him:that’s why I’m going to stick my hand in a school of 6 of them

  21. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones


    this so fkae these anials trained to do this

  22. ItsAmazingHowIAm



    *puts hand in piranha tank* Piranha: "No thanks, I'm vegan."

  23. Jaeron Stover

    Jaeron Stover



  24. Ace_Fr3ight



    I’m not scared of any type of animal until he dies to one

  25. Theodora Mario

    Theodora Mario


    I wish I could be that brave :’3.........

  26. Theodora Mario

    Theodora Mario


    Nothing scares me more then the ocean now I see him getting bitten my that an I’m even more scared now :’>

  27. Theodora Mario

    Theodora Mario



  28. Michael M Mbolekwa

    Michael M Mbolekwa



  29. Jj_evan109 Gaming

    Jj_evan109 Gaming


    Your a morn

  30. BlazifyPlayz



    I thought he might die

  31. Gacha Skyler

    Gacha Skyler


    Friends: And how does he ruin his life today!? How he ruins his life today:

  32. Idea btw

    Idea btw


    Well it has been 3 months already and no part two yet. I felt bad for him actuallu

    • Idea btw

      Idea btw



  33. CoolBendycartoons



    In the beginning I said yup, he's ded

  34. Ranocchia_ 65

    Ranocchia_ 65


    Are you out?

  35. Nicky Hung

    Nicky Hung

    2 napja

    Piranhas are beautiful

  36. MrTmel123


    2 napja

    apparently someone fed em and they were full to begin with. lol

  37. Adalyn


    2 napja

    Thank you for making sacrifices to YOURSELF to entertain and educate us.



    2 napja

    its not really fair... piranhas react mostly on blood. if he had blood on his hand, and than put his hand inside the tank, his hand was only bone afterwards...

  39. Jasmine


    2 napja

    When you think he’s done but he takes it a step further 🤣

  40. ARandomArtist


    2 napja

    i'm pretty pretty sure this dude has never NEVER sweared. *worship him*

  41. Somo Official

    Somo Official

    2 napja

    Plot twist they are Hollywood's most famous piranha actors

  42. Zoey Wilkerson

    Zoey Wilkerson

    2 napja


  43. Leslie Forsdyke

    Leslie Forsdyke

    2 napja

    Maybe they just werent hungry, mayne you should watch jeremy wades river monsters, you could see his eyes open up to the dangers of pihrana after he'd been swimming with them a while before. So whilst watching you get bitten in a controlled environment would be entertaining, I'm not particularly interested in seeing another steve irwin type incident where people decide that they have to take their revenge on the animal that killed their hero!

  44. Matheus U

    Matheus U

    2 napja

    Are they even hungry? When was last time they ate?

  45. silenceplz yeah

    silenceplz yeah

    2 napja

    3:34 who felt triggered by that.

  46. wolf gameing

    wolf gameing

    2 napja

    i feel so bad....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... god bless you

  47. wolf gameing

    wolf gameing

    2 napja

    froot loops is actulay froot loops not fruit loops

  48. Cid Highwind

    Cid Highwind

    2 napja

    Put a little blood in the water first or cut yourself then put your hands in I bet you would get a very different result by that. These fish might already been fed and not hungry so.

  49. Odie Gamer

    Odie Gamer

    2 napja

    "I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to jump into a tank of tiger sharks"

  50. Pieter De Schrijver

    Pieter De Schrijver

    2 napja

    Piranha don't attack in small numbers. It's al show this video

  51. Michael Karr

    Michael Karr

    2 napja

    if he was in the dinosaur ages: i’m Coyote Peterson and i’m about to enter the bite zone with the T-Rex 3 2 o- *gets eaten*

  52. superawsomealpha


    2 napja

    HE BE GETTING BITTEN BADLY (like a lot is he ok) why does he do this to himself? SO PAINFUL

  53. Angela Grainger

    Angela Grainger

    2 napja

    They must have been fed recently

  54. Lulita Mañacap

    Lulita Mañacap

    2 napja

    me watching coyote ok puts hands in fish tank you tube ad me he deserves an ad bro :/

  55. X DeadpoolX

    X DeadpoolX

    3 napja


  56. Loraine Sarah

    Loraine Sarah

    3 napja

    Im a explorer to you know

  57. Roderica Wilson

    Roderica Wilson

    3 napja

    They probably weren't hungry lol

  58. DeadSilent87


    3 napja

    Try dipping blood soaked piece of meat and then try doing that Lmfao Blood triggers their senses

  59. KAILEEN.VASQUEZ 103287


    3 napja

    for the people who didn’t watch the video yet, just letting y’all know the fish won’t bite him.

  60. powmic1


    3 napja

    Luckily I live in Australia!

    • powmic1


      3 napja

      In New South Wales

  61. Barbie Twinmom

    Barbie Twinmom

    3 napja

    They need to do the 2nd part of this test i want to be further educated I hope they do NOT bite n prove that its just a beautiful creature god made

  62. Connor Hugh Henry McCourt

    Connor Hugh Henry McCourt

    3 napja

    The nastalgic music haven’t seen u in 4YEARS

  63. Audrey Edmo

    Audrey Edmo

    3 napja

    Brave: it definitely gets ur heart racing Me: god dang boi it get my heart pop out!

  64. Ellie Mellie Photography

    Ellie Mellie Photography

    3 napja

    I dare you to hit tham

  65. Luke Walters

    Luke Walters

    3 napja

    i wanted to see some one bit not wine

  66. katie dunbar

    katie dunbar

    3 napja

    “I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to box eight alligators while simultaneously doing an Irish jig”

  67. Aykalia


    3 napja

    Those piranhas were probably fed daily, it might be very different in the wild.

  68. Tasneem Syed

    Tasneem Syed

    3 napja

    Coyote this is really bad

  69. Kharl Lloyd Suello

    Kharl Lloyd Suello

    3 napja

    It eats only fish foods like tubifex worm🤣

  70. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez

    3 napja

    I’m scared never going in wild water agen nope

  71. Daeve Benedict Villafuerte

    Daeve Benedict Villafuerte

    3 napja

    If people didn't use sharks as scary movies we will not be scared for sharks and just go for it in the sea

  72. Patrick WU

    Patrick WU

    4 napja


  73. Patrick WU

    Patrick WU

    4 napja

    I was so worried for you

  74. James Price III

    James Price III

    4 napja

    I hope you don’t get bit

  75. Gregor Hudson

    Gregor Hudson

    4 napja

    I am about to enter the bite of the t-Rex I am dead

  76. Omatters


    4 napja

    Drop a bloody steak in there and see what happens.

  77. Ben Redfern

    Ben Redfern

    4 napja

    The amount of plane journeys this man has been on he's probably spent over $200,000 just on plane tickets

  78. AmAyA pLaYz

    AmAyA pLaYz

    4 napja

    Respect this man ! DO IT NOW

  79. Captain Price

    Captain Price

    4 napja

    These fishies are tasty. But they have alot of bone.

  80. Enriquuzie Arriaga

    Enriquuzie Arriaga

    4 napja

    Imagine having him as ur science teacher-

  81. Psalm Castillo

    Psalm Castillo

    4 napja

    I don't like how one thing on his merch site is 120.00 dollars

  82. X wolf

    X wolf

    4 napja


  83. løvelyrxses


    4 napja

    He only makes these videos to let viewers know, those creatures are DEADLY dangerous.

  84. The Holmes Family

    The Holmes Family

    4 napja

    Bro there was no blood in the water to entice them

  85. Izabella Meraz

    Izabella Meraz

    4 napja

    *watching the video at the start* me: can you just shut up and put you hands in the fish😂

  86. Felicity Lee

    Felicity Lee

    4 napja


  87. Brontosaurus Rex

    Brontosaurus Rex

    4 napja


  88. Alti Rankine

    Alti Rankine

    4 napja

    The man who doesn’t care about lofe

  89. Claire and Anabelle’s Kid’s Craft’s

    Claire and Anabelle’s Kid’s Craft’s

    4 napja

    I coyote Peterson And I’m a about to trapped in the locker filled with water

  90. Ileana Ramirez

    Ileana Ramirez

    4 napja

    I was s**t less Piranhas scare the f**k out of me



    4 napja

    Try it with red belly piranhas !!

  92. Sakkra101


    4 napja

    I once saw a video of the aftermath of a child in South America who fell into a Piranha river, the image was...not nice. Well, that's an understatement, it was horrifying.

  93. Herandre curry

    Herandre curry

    4 napja

    Are the pihrannas still young. Ive seen bigger ones than them

  94. Herandre curry

    Herandre curry

    4 napja

    LOL they were not interested at all

  95. FiJoGuide


    4 napja

    ah yes lets hand feed pirahnas thats a great idea

  96. RyLee Delatte

    RyLee Delatte

    4 napja


  97. RyLee Delatte

    RyLee Delatte

    4 napja

    Me waiting for one of your biggest fans Rory from smelly belly tv to see this vid

  98. Katie Whitelaw

    Katie Whitelaw

    4 napja

    anyone else notice how coyote never swears when he's in pain?!?! I swear I scream when I stub my toe 😂

  99. Socks Jr

    Socks Jr

    4 napja

    No problem not a great idea

  100. Mary Hernandez

    Mary Hernandez

    4 napja

    Honestly who just comes to watch him get bit