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I Ran into a Cactus Maze Blindfolded!

On this episode, Mark is doing the unthinkable... he's entering a cactus maze BLINDFOLDED! Yep, you heard that right, he's taking on the Ultimate Cholla Challenge -- also known as the sharpest maze in the world! So, how badly will these spiky nightmares hurt... and will he reach the prize at the end?! Watch now to find out!
Illustrations by the talented Meredith Joyce-Houghton
Cake provided by Baker's Layne of Los Angeles
Microscopic images by Dr. Hunter Hines

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  1. Brave Wilderness

    Brave Wilderness

    16 napja

    Should I go live and do a QA this afternoon??? Thank to everyone for watching, I answered a lot of comments already...seems everyone is really digging this new video! -Mark Vins

    • Yoanna Marinova

      Yoanna Marinova


      Guys! I’m just wandering what coyote it’s doing at that time when your out filming and he isn’t there, also amazing vids as always!

    • Henryford2003


      6 napja

      That hurts

    • Mr.LuxLux


      7 napja

      @Isla’s pet Life! 👅👁👅

    • Mr.LuxLux


      7 napja

      Hey!, what state and country do you live in?

    • Jim Roberts Real Estate

      Jim Roberts Real Estate

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    6 órája

    I thought this was Mr. Beast

  3. how to basic basic

    how to basic basic

    12 órája

    *A A A A H*

  4. • Gxmer Gxrl シ •

    • Gxmer Gxrl シ •

    13 órája

    8:35 - Uhm you think I'm going to step foot in a Desert-? Lol I'm a literal couch potato who plays video game all dayy ( Yeah I know I clicked the video but like just yeah- )

  5. V Brothers

    V Brothers

    15 órája

    Then the tables turns

  6. Goku the Soldier

    Goku the Soldier

    16 órája

    Can u imagine how painful it would be if you got one in your downstairs area...

  7. bella camilla djaja

    bella camilla djaja

    20 órája

    I want your cameramen to get sting by the yellow jacket

  8. Anu S

    Anu S

    21 órája

    Rather going through those spikes for cake 🎂 I would do a part time job to earn and eat or I would forget it. Come on so much pain ouch😭 just for cake😭

  9. Peridot Universe

    Peridot Universe

    22 órája

    This was a terrible idea wasn't it?

  10. Erroll Herrera

    Erroll Herrera

    23 órája

    and the new super hero was born

  11. Gacha Aleen

    Gacha Aleen



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    Alfredo JR. arias



  13. Kimble Mori

    Kimble Mori


    Mans bouta kill himself for views

  14. Gacha Skyler

    Gacha Skyler


    Imagine mark never filmed... BUT HE SEEMS SO CALM..

  15. Jonathan de Foy

    Jonathan de Foy


    for once coyote is not the the one getting hurt.

  16. -simply- pink clouds- -

    -simply- pink clouds- -


    Wow this is great! But very painful

  17. AhstTraotee



    Trombidiidae kaka as the scientific name for the cake? Clever! Trombidiidae is the genus for the red velvet mite!

    • Brave Wilderness

      Brave Wilderness


      Good spot!!

  18. Donovan Scott

    Donovan Scott

    2 napja

    You... Poor...Poor poor man :(( your skin is going to be oozing cactus spike debris till 2023

  19. Eev


    2 napja

    Imagine all the things Mark and Coyote did together,but we can't see cause there was no one to film it and ask them to describe the pain.

  20. PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER

    PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER

    2 napja

    Mark looks different in a beard

  21. PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER

    PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER

    2 napja

    You guys are fun

  22. nicky manente

    nicky manente

    2 napja

    So we just gonna ignore that one in the perfect spot

  23. Crested Saguaro

    Crested Saguaro

    2 napja

    Back when I was 11 years old, red velvet cake was forever ruined for me. I used to love it until one time, I got food poisoning from the dye in a particular brand I ate. I was violently ill for 2 days, throwing up and always on the toilet. Ever since then, I never trused eating red velvet cake no matter what... 😥

  24. Purple Army Guard

    Purple Army Guard

    2 napja

    This is madness😓

  25. Purple Army Guard

    Purple Army Guard

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    Why why would u do that😅😓

  26. Michael reasen

    Michael reasen

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    the cake was a lie only portal fans will understand

  27. Javier Sierra

    Javier Sierra

    3 napja

    He has to have a cup right?

  28. Rinkawaii


    3 napja

    Red Velvet Cake is amazing I would do that too.

  29. Jordan C

    Jordan C

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    Gahhh damn..😰

  30. *süper videolar*

    *süper videolar*

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  31. Obeseus phallus

    Obeseus phallus

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    One day he will yell harder daddy

  32. ruan


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  33. Lord Maximillius

    Lord Maximillius

    4 napja

    This guy has changed a lot since he used to get stung by bullet ant

  34. ai hoang

    ai hoang

    4 napja

    pls tell me this guy shaft is protected with steel plating.

  35. TheSinbadwolf


    4 napja

    You guys are amazing and a little eccentric to put yourselves through these scenarios when it isn't necessary. By the way... Mark are you ok?

  36. Spanking Fantasies

    Spanking Fantasies

    4 napja

    Mark is an absolute unit jesus christ

  37. andru deaton

    andru deaton

    4 napja

    Wow I swear I heard a pterodactyl some where in the background screaming lmao

  38. BRAYAN Escobar Joya

    BRAYAN Escobar Joya

    4 napja

    This is just uncomfortable to watch its almost like u can feel it

  39. N_ JAY

    N_ JAY

    4 napja

    Maso gang rise up...👍😎 Love this video..

  40. 515_ Hazard

    515_ Hazard

    4 napja

    this is an impractical jokers punishment wtf

  41. Beyburstzilla gamings & more!

    Beyburstzilla gamings & more!

    4 napja

    Dinosour be like: RoAR

  42. ZAN


    4 napja

    Me when i have cramps

  43. DevonMC


    4 napja

    Seeing those close-ups makes me think: that's some fleshy skin

  44. Latoya Stone

    Latoya Stone

    5 napja

    Its how he said ga ga

  45. f十七解说


    5 napja

    I feel sorry

  46. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams

    5 napja

    they didnt have coyote peterson cuz he been causing so much pain to himself already lol

  47. NikoTheXD


    5 napja

    Bro i literly saw this part and some how feell the pain 5:14

  48. Im not Jade

    Im not Jade

    5 napja

    I cant even imagine how painfull those were when it gets to your body, and painful when you get it out

  49. jhun mesina

    jhun mesina

    5 napja

    Mark:AHhHhHhH cayote:thats how it feel

  50. Fluffyfootprints Playz

    Fluffyfootprints Playz

    5 napja

    This whole video I was just going “ WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF “

  51. Ashlynn thomas

    Ashlynn thomas

    5 napja

    I am so glade I don’t live in the dessert

  52. Ashlynn thomas

    Ashlynn thomas

    5 napja

    It’s so weird seeing mark with a beard.🥰🥰🥰

  53. Allen Harwood

    Allen Harwood

    5 napja

    He learned how to grunt like coyote 😅😂

  54. Faysal Mursal

    Faysal Mursal

    5 napja

    I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m on a quest to find many ways to inflict as much pain to myself as humanly possible.

  55. dejan duduk

    dejan duduk

    5 napja

    Mark is like godzilla breathing atomic breath 😂😂



    5 napja

    Yo he must have bleeded out

  57. Miranda Cruze

    Miranda Cruze

    5 napja

    But was the cake 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 worth it tho???

  58. James Tropicals

    James Tropicals

    5 napja

    9:14 Combing your hair will get the cholla cactus out of your skin in 5... 4... 3... No just kidding it’s a joke

  59. James Tropicals

    James Tropicals

    5 napja

    I felt the pain

  60. Guangshun Li

    Guangshun Li

    5 napja

    How can you guys edure the pain?! I swear, if someone gave me a million pounds just to do the maze, I would say no in a heartbeat-

  61. H E L P B U F F

    H E L P B U F F

    5 napja

    Tarantula hawks are scary

  62. Út Đồng

    Út Đồng

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  63. Tai Lauradin

    Tai Lauradin

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  65. Septic Burn

    Septic Burn

    6 napja

    Women: Why do we live longer then men? Men: 0:16

  66. Karletts Greyhair

    Karletts Greyhair

    6 napja

    My mom said you can get poison

  67. Fncs Serzy

    Fncs Serzy

    6 napja

    imagine if he wasn’t recording the whole entire time......

  68. Super Raf Super

    Super Raf Super

    6 napja

    Skip straight to 6:59 with no context :0

  69. TVplayzRoblox


    6 napja

    Bird box but in the desert

  70. Isla’s pet Life!

    Isla’s pet Life!

    6 napja

    Jeez and i think falling of a horse hurts 😳

  71. Noah Hoss

    Noah Hoss

    6 napja

    I wonder if this guy wasn't pulling his weight around the office and they told him that he has to do this if he wants to keep his job.

  72. Jaredyers 1130

    Jaredyers 1130

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  73. Emrald


    6 napja

    I've got one question why

  74. Cooklet78 Plays

    Cooklet78 Plays

    6 napja

    We should be so great full because he goes through all this pain just for us ❤️

  75. Carol Longoria

    Carol Longoria

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  76. Carol Longoria

    Carol Longoria

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  77. Akmal Hakim

    Akmal Hakim

    6 napja

    i can't believe all that screaming but mark didn't turn into a Super Saiyan

  78. eiljah Exists

    eiljah Exists

    6 napja

    I can't image the pain taking it off

  79. eiljah Exists

    eiljah Exists

    6 napja

    My sister said wait what is he on break or is it magic😂 ah sisters are funny

  80. eiljah Exists

    eiljah Exists

    6 napja

    I mean is it better than the bullet ant?

  81. SilverBrickProductions


    6 napja

    DAMN, THAT HAS TO HURT!!! Poor, Mark! 😢

  82. Jose Cortez

    Jose Cortez

    6 napja

    Mark there should be at least two or three of those cakes because no amount of cake can cover all that pain that you endured

  83. Aiden Smith

    Aiden Smith

    6 napja

    I just have one question, Why did you do this?

  84. Maria Farcas

    Maria Farcas

    6 napja

    You are very brave. Incredible

    • Brave Wilderness

      Brave Wilderness

      6 napja

      Thank you!

  85. Liam Wagner

    Liam Wagner

    7 napja

    The best way to remove jumping cholla from the Sonoran Desert is to play Gatecreeper on full blast

  86. Tandi Karol Weaver

    Tandi Karol Weaver

    7 napja

    They deserve 50 million subscribers they go Through so much pain

  87. Jack Bliss

    Jack Bliss

    7 napja

    If i were religious i may consider this being eternal punishment , in which case this guy has some skeletons in his closet.

  88. zackery douge

    zackery douge

    7 napja

    Me when seeing this:why, just...why??? Also me: you have my attention.

  89. Sam


    7 napja

    I wish you tried to remove one with your hands for education purpose

  90. Candy


    7 napja

    He’s lucky he didn’t trip and fall face first into those things 😂 Not worth doing that for cake 🎂

  91. Jack Mc

    Jack Mc

    7 napja

    Bruh did coyote retire

  92. Christopher Turner

    Christopher Turner

    7 napja

    The cake is a lie.

  93. Abeer Ralhan

    Abeer Ralhan

    7 napja

    I’m just wondering if the needles on those cholla cactuses are the sharpest thing in the world lol

  94. Mesi


    7 napja

    Is it me or him in the thumbnail look like mr beast?

  95. Akash Neeli

    Akash Neeli

    7 napja

    I've literally felt the pain 😥

  96. Max_Gamer 98

    Max_Gamer 98

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    Mr. Beast has to try this challenge

  97. Maria Rivera

    Maria Rivera

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    The pain he hads

  98. Savannah hearson

    Savannah hearson

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    I never saw this video until now

  99. The Gatorboy

    The Gatorboy

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    What I really want to see is someone hitting a Cholla with a baseball bat just to see the segments fly everywhere in slow motion.

  100. ghastlywither


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    Mark taking it off Trex roars