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OUCH - That Must Have Hurt!

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In this episode, get ready to see some of Coyote's most dangerous moments on the channel! He's been bitten and stung many times... but do you know how much pain he's REALLY been through? You're about to see some of the worst injuries that Coyote has ever been through... and you'll find yourself saying OUCH - That must have hurt!
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.


  1. Ethan Galindo

    Ethan Galindo

    6 órája

    Can u make a video on red eared slider turtles🐢

  2. Star shine wolf Ratcliffe

    Star shine wolf Ratcliffe

    7 órája

    Poor coyote

  3. Steven Ultraverse

    Steven Ultraverse

    12 órája

    When I was watching that original clip as an six year old I literally thought he was dead and I freaked out and ran to my parent saying mom dad coyote Peterson snapped his neck then they came and watched the rest of his vid and figured out he didn’t die haha

  4. Monique Smith

    Monique Smith

    12 órája

    be careful ok👍

  5. Allen Harwood

    Allen Harwood

    19 órája

    L0Lthat thumbnail

  6. Jon Hawes

    Jon Hawes


    To me, stepping on legos doesn’t hurt at all

  7. Jon Hawes

    Jon Hawes


    Why would we like to see you hurt like This? You are SO brave and and don’t know why you do all this

  8. Abdul Ghafoor

    Abdul Ghafoor

    2 napja

    I love this guy

  9. Carter Playz

    Carter Playz

    3 napja

    oof. that’s all i’m gonna say

  10. Da Spicy Birb

    Da Spicy Birb

    3 napja

    I thought terraria music was going to play at the beginning

  11. Eldiezzz G

    Eldiezzz G

    4 napja

    What kind of trash thumbnail is that shame on who ever made that abomination

  12. Cracked PHL

    Cracked PHL

    4 napja

    I can’t believe that they have 18.5 million subscribers but yet some of there videos don’t even get 1 million I can’t believe that they used to be so popular get 20 to 50 million views but now they only get around 1 million to 850k

    • Cracked PHL

      Cracked PHL

      4 napja

      What happened to them what happened to all the kids that watched them I was definitely one of those kids that used to watch there old videos form like three years ago

  13. zMiśty


    4 napja

    I really like how they risk their lives by hurting themselves and only to teach people what to stay away from 🥲🥲

  14. Rose The Hat

    Rose The Hat

    5 napja

    I’m so bummed that they were censored! I wanted to see how bad the injuries were!

  15. Mando UN

    Mando UN

    5 napja

    Ouch that must been hurt 😱💯👽👺💯😭☹

  16. wayne githuki

    wayne githuki

    5 napja

    now we know why he always wears his hat

  17. wayne githuki

    wayne githuki

    5 napja

    that must have hurt

  18. Fiona Morice

    Fiona Morice

    6 napja


  19. Ashton Pryce

    Ashton Pryce

    6 napja

    Nah now I’m convinced there’s something up with you bro, all them wasp stings, a dang lamprey and you took a 15 feet tumble down a cliff, what’re you hiding 🙃

  20. Axi1ity


    6 napja

    What have we learned today kids Don’t go outside

  21. Raibow Unicorn

    Raibow Unicorn

    6 napja

    i feel so bad for him :

  22. Alexander Röjdvall

    Alexander Röjdvall

    6 napja


  23. :awesome: BOT

    :awesome: BOT

    6 napja

    Does cayote think we're sadists? 🤔

  24. Ava Harris

    Ava Harris

    6 napja

    What that man does...

  25. Stephen Bockrath

    Stephen Bockrath

    7 napja

    also legos don't hurt when you step on them I could obliterate the record it's EZ

  26. Stephen Bockrath

    Stephen Bockrath

    7 napja

    This is a remake I remember him making a video of his jumping fall.

  27. TP Reacts

    TP Reacts

    7 napja

    Coyote: Falls and is sitting there Coyote: “ Let’s see what happened, but this time I will recreate it again.” Family and camera:😧

  28. Esha Gupta

    Esha Gupta

    8 napja

    for some reason this might sound mean but i guess it is why you do it but, your scream satisfies me ..... idk why

  29. Cookie Mutt and Sophia's life

    Cookie Mutt and Sophia's life

    8 napja

    I feel pain watching this

  30. Addison Burgess

    Addison Burgess

    8 napja

    The first on is right on my birthday

  31. Rufus Chang

    Rufus Chang

    9 napja

    The cliff fall is very hard to watch

  32. Jayme Kemp

    Jayme Kemp

    9 napja

    Je was high and the wave hited him

    • Jayme Kemp

      Jayme Kemp

      9 napja

      He was high and the wave hated him

  33. Holly Carr

    Holly Carr

    9 napja

    The people not getting hurt the camera people

  34. Holly Carr

    Holly Carr

    9 napja

    Yay pain

  35. Galaxy Bro’s

    Galaxy Bro’s

    9 napja

    6:34 he needs some milk

  36. vera foster

    vera foster

    10 napja

    Hello K pietersen

  37. Marko Money

    Marko Money

    10 napja


  38. Fathima Roshana Muhammad Imtiyas

    Fathima Roshana Muhammad Imtiyas

    10 napja

    I was born in 2011 Lmao

  39. RoyaleJules


    10 napja

    I remeber I watched you whem I was sixxx

  40. Fox AND ZHC Army

    Fox AND ZHC Army

    10 napja

    *coyote I’m fine but hurt *normal people aHHHH*

  41. Nathanial Nandlal

    Nathanial Nandlal

    11 napja

    Me sees this flashback 4 Years ago "it messed up my hat a bit" -coyote

  42. Luz Marina Sandoval

    Luz Marina Sandoval

    11 napja

    Are you ok

  43. New View Nature

    New View Nature

    11 napja

    I came here for no cencoring

  44. ezra wexler

    ezra wexler

    11 napja

    I know a ton about natural disasters. By the way you are my biggest fan.

  45. Family Alvarez

    Family Alvarez

    11 napja

    That should hurt🧟‍♂️

  46. Laura Uzaite

    Laura Uzaite

    12 napja

    This guy should be in USA military navy seals

  47. CuteBunnyGirl !!!

    CuteBunnyGirl !!!

    12 napja

    Lol March 11 2011?lol that’s a year before I was born(26th July 2012).

  48. Gavin Day

    Gavin Day

    12 napja

    The main thing I respect about this guy is how even if he FALLS OFF A CLIFF he doesn’t curse

  49. BowHunterYT


    12 napja

    I know that guy that invented hecs

  50. c des

    c des

    12 napja

    This guy isn't married, is he?!

  51. 89 Shots

    89 Shots

    12 napja

    Me trying to flex infront of my mom when I was 6 but messing up and breaking my back:

  52. MR Raven

    MR Raven

    12 napja

    Mark “You Okay?”

  53. tammy pittman

    tammy pittman

    12 napja

    He is doing this for us😟

  54. Sf viper

    Sf viper

    12 napja

    Oh god not the legos

  55. Breana Laughlin

    Breana Laughlin

    13 napja

    You are the chosen one god picked you

  56. I love Battle cats

    I love Battle cats

    13 napja

    Falling off that cliff oooooo that must’ve hurt

  57. ChillNoobXD


    13 napja

    “What have we learned today kids?” Me: never go out in the wild

  58. Melissa Leighton

    Melissa Leighton

    13 napja

    He's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Robert Rust

    Robert Rust

    13 napja


  60. J Mac

    J Mac

    13 napja

    I don't like seeing you get stung or bit I just watch you finding animals

  61. Ultamate MEMER DUDE

    Ultamate MEMER DUDE

    13 napja

    i have no reaction to stepping on legos

  62. Devon Sorryeye

    Devon Sorryeye

    14 napja

    Wow he is extremely tough I could never do this ever

  63. Carrie Joy

    Carrie Joy

    14 napja

    Is your real name nathaniel or am i rong

  64. Alona Boyd

    Alona Boyd

    14 napja

    We all pray for coyteys pain and suffering for theses pains for being bit,stunged,and falling of a rock after getting hit by a wave we would pray for to him to suffer theses pains. God bless his suffering. 💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤ 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏



    14 napja

    What these dude has gone to do for our enjoyment just wow

  66. aren king

    aren king

    14 napja

    I’m one of ur best fans🙂

  67. aren king

    aren king

    14 napja

    I’m one of ur best fans🙂

  68. Ricky Almuete

    Ricky Almuete

    14 napja

    Cyote:almost dies many times Also cyote:is my hat ok

  69. wumbly


    14 napja

    God: ya know, I think he deserves a little more pain. *LETS MAKE HIM TRIP OVER A ROCK*

  70. Tan Le

    Tan Le

    14 napja

    JESUS CHRIST! This guy can survive stings! Now he survived a tsunami! WHAT DA HELL!

  71. Jansen Dela China

    Jansen Dela China

    14 napja

    hahahahaahhahahahahahahaha lol

  72. Kenrick John Marquez

    Kenrick John Marquez

    15 napja

    *after being bite by 100 of animals and fall off cliffs and almost dying* Him:SUP

  73. Charley Wherry

    Charley Wherry

    15 napja

    That really had to hurt

  74. your king

    your king

    15 napja

    I feel bad for him

  75. Turtle lover 224

    Turtle lover 224

    15 napja

    The fact that he hasn’t cried yet be like 😐

  76. 100% WEIRD

    100% WEIRD

    15 napja

    No way anybody didn’t flinch at some point in this video

  77. Joshua Kenzo Quiambao

    Joshua Kenzo Quiambao

    16 napja

    Is this mufuas as death

  78. Rio Fuentevilla

    Rio Fuentevilla

    16 napja

    Oh... r you hurt?

  79. CoolAlienmaster


    16 napja

    That could have had extreme caution!

  80. Carla Pappas

    Carla Pappas

    16 napja

    I can almost fell your pain i am so sorry

  81. TheTechPianoPlayerKid


    16 napja

    I have stepped on Legos, and it does hurt. I learned that lesson, to always put them away.



    16 napja

    I am a kid just 10 years old

  83. PWR BWS


    16 napja

    I'm just wanna say Oof that gotta be hurt

  84. Wanda and Zelda Witchhazel

    Wanda and Zelda Witchhazel

    16 napja

    Holy 💩

  85. Nathan xeno Hilliance cloud rider

    Nathan xeno Hilliance cloud rider

    16 napja

    Oh my word

  86. Ava Catterson

    Ava Catterson

    16 napja

    I am crying 😭

  87. Dominic Burgos

    Dominic Burgos

    16 napja

    how did you survive you are so good at survivng

  88. Moe Rosett

    Moe Rosett

    16 napja

    Ouch, love this guy! 😁

  89. ꧁ a r t e m i s ꧂

    ꧁ a r t e m i s ꧂

    17 napja

    Wait... Coyote with hair?

  90. Ariaunna Hoover

    Ariaunna Hoover

    17 napja

    All that and you still film 📽

  91. Kye MacDonald

    Kye MacDonald

    17 napja

    I’m starting to think that Coyote is immortal

  92. Moosaa Raja

    Moosaa Raja

    17 napja


  93. Jonah Carroll

    Jonah Carroll

    17 napja

    This is what this man goes through to find an ant.

  94. Ayvah Bell

    Ayvah Bell

    17 napja

    He is like a cat. Except instead of 9 lives he has infinite!

  95. Jimmy claude

    Jimmy claude

    17 napja

    I once fell on a cactus probably the worst feeling ever

  96. Htethtet Win

    Htethtet Win

    17 napja

    Ouch hey if i u i be like:X_X

  97. Chigs BS

    Chigs BS

    17 napja

    I think the 1st one hurt more than the slippy rocks

  98. Rhapsody Anderson

    Rhapsody Anderson

    18 napja

    This makes me unhappy but I love this channel

  99. Clxudy_ Bri

    Clxudy_ Bri

    18 napja

    I’m sorry if this is considered rude but.. How is this dude still alive after all this😭

  100. lacryhsu


    18 napja