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YOUTUBER ARRESTED! Busted by K-9 after Making Video!

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In this episode, Coyote is in West Virginia and he's getting BUSTED! Coyote and team are taking part in a Training Scenario to show how skilled and effective apprehension dogs can be! In the Training Scenario, Coyote will be taking off with a priceless bag of loot... will the trained K-9 be able to track him down?! Watch now to find out! - PLUS, stay until the very end of the episode to see how you can WIN the bag of loot!! - Hint, you'll have the chance to win something AUTOGRAPHED by Coyote :)
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Special thanks to Makor K-9 of West Virginia for their assistance with the creation of this video. Their dogs are professionally trained and these bite suit training sessions are a part of their daily activity. Remember, this is FUN for the dogs!
To learn more about the work Makor K-9 does, or if you are in need of a trained law-enforcement K-9 or home security dog visit their website: www.makork9ofwv.com/
To see more of their incredible dogs in action, make sure to follow them on Tik Tok: Makork9ofwv
Big thanks to the Winterplace ski resort for allowing us to use their location!
And last but not least, an extra special thanks to Deputy Chris Gardner and his incredible dog Tarrek!
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.


  1. desteny amador

    desteny amador

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    try German shepherd. they are stronger

  2. Abigale Wommer

    Abigale Wommer

    12 órája

    so you actuly got arrestead

  3. sleak


    13 órája

    damn it's a shame howa life of fame and drugs get to even the cleanest of men :'(

  4. Sakar Amin

    Sakar Amin


    I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to get thrown in jail

  5. Katie Wunder

    Katie Wunder


    If it's not too dangerous you should get Bit By a Mastiff

  6. A Rising Fire

    A Rising Fire


    Did you get sent to jail

  7. Liberty fortnit ganck stur

    Liberty fortnit ganck stur

    2 napja

    Paw patrol ???

  8. Alicia Sanchez

    Alicia Sanchez

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    Coyote I joined the club of yours and you have not texted me soooo can you do that please

  9. Mobby Dolphin

    Mobby Dolphin

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    this can teach the crimminals mnot to mess wid ppl\

  10. allie the fox

    allie the fox

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    Me*ooooow* exe*?!!!*

  11. AJ's Channel

    AJ's Channel

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    Are you going to jail or no

  12. Maria Gallegos

    Maria Gallegos

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    U being bitten by a shepherd:3love u cayote :)

  13. Jonathan Pesonen

    Jonathan Pesonen

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  14. Juliet Scott

    Juliet Scott

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    can he get out of jail?

  15. anthony allan

    anthony allan

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    Next a Pitbull 🦮🦮

  16. Roydan Barreto

    Roydan Barreto

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    Are you release from the prison

  17. Chenterr


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    Doggy so cute

  18. NRDL_4346


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    Just imagine being in a t-shirt

  19. Annette Hall

    Annette Hall

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    Get bitten by a tarantula

  20. Echo


    4 napja

    Can I please get a signed book I’ve been watching you for three years and my favourite beastly bite was the tarantula hawk and the reason behind it is kind of dark I liked it because I have erachnaphobia and seeing something that could brutalise a spider made feel I little bit safer even though they are found on the other side of the world in the states were I live in Australia and was super glad when I was able to go to billabong sanctuary knowing that you went there once and then after moving I am planning on making a visit to Australia zoo and if you want to take another beastly bite I recommend a parrot seeing that parrots are my favourite animal so he’s that’s why I really want a beastly bites book

  21. Rosie iris

    Rosie iris

    5 napja

    Why did he actually get arrested by a cop and get a double bite I'm was actually shacking😳

  22. I'm not a potato XD

    I'm not a potato XD

    5 napja

    Rip brave wilderness

  23. Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez

    5 napja

    I heard a check when he was biting you

  24. Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez

    5 napja

    Cause the picture looks legit

  25. Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez

    5 napja

    Did you actually get arrested?

  26. Zoe


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    You are so dramatic

  27. joel gerson

    joel gerson

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    Sounds like you wont be making videos anymore

  28. joel gerson

    joel gerson

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    Did you actually get arrested?!

  29. Back Fire

    Back Fire

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  30. Hey it’s Shakil

    Hey it’s Shakil

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  31. Yeon Agatsuma

    Yeon Agatsuma

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    Can you pls check out a Caucasian shepherd?

  32. TTVSageTaker


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    Welp... I guess paw patrol bags are priceless 🤣

  33. Ika Susilawati

    Ika Susilawati

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  34. CC Cormier

    CC Cormier

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    I want one of the books

  35. vinstual


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    Coyote: I SURRENDER! I SURRENDER! K-9: I think not police officer: *Ä U S* Dog: passwort accepted

  36. DA DA almaani

    DA DA almaani

    8 napja

    is that real ?

  37. Islas Adventures

    Islas Adventures

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    I hair fractured arm before but not a broken arm I was on my right arm

  38. XXXAngles YT

    XXXAngles YT

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    Wow I would be it of there!

  39. Luna Midnight

    Luna Midnight

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    Coyote: *In pain On The ground* Camera man: Describe the pain

  40. Liam Royer

    Liam Royer

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    do you really get a rested

  41. Andrew MacNeil

    Andrew MacNeil

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    Loading Cat

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    Ok coyote are u seriously alright?

  43. Jessica Macovitz

    Jessica Macovitz

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  44. Tahoor Bajwa

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  45. D&G Vlogs

    D&G Vlogs

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    6:43 dog like “hu watcha doin??” 😂😂

  46. zorpie hehe

    zorpie hehe

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    why would you not wear the padding! bro! that would hurt like crazy!

  47. Chris_Gaming


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    I like the bee beard

  48. Кукольн ЬIй

    Кукольн ЬIй

    11 napja

    Ok I don't know if most of his younger fans should see a. Educational youtuber being arrested

  49. J Ji

    J Ji

    11 napja

    Reminder everyone! This is a training session, coyote peterson is never a bad guy

  50. Alexander Keith

    Alexander Keith

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    did he Really go in jail

  51. Blue Fur

    Blue Fur

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    You’re not in Jail ur you?

  52. Alivia playsYT

    Alivia playsYT

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    My mom: what are you watching Me: someone running for dear life. Edit: and yes it’s real 😉😌

  53. carrie tomlinson

    carrie tomlinson

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    my favorite bite is the snapping turtle

  54. Kathy Albritton

    Kathy Albritton

    12 napja

    are you ok

  55. Mia van Dijk

    Mia van Dijk

    12 napja

    My son Jamie thinks this episode’s dog bite seems like the worst!

  56. Daniel Cheplic

    Daniel Cheplic

    12 napja

    Stop doing this make you regular HUeye channel things stop getting bit by dogs that is really bad for you and break you can break your wrist I hope you are OK

  57. Kou Xiong

    Kou Xiong

    12 napja

    "Duke do you want Coyote Perterson?"

  58. Gracie Dandof

    Gracie Dandof

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  59. Trisha Nickels

    Trisha Nickels

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  60. mortspeed8


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    khalilguilexhian arandia

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  62. inthezoneeeechief


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    *Coyote Peterson gets arrested* *enters prison, goes to the shower* Coyote : I'm about to get entered by the black zone . Coyote: AHHH AhhHHhHH Ahhhhhh Mark: Coyote you OK?

  63. Sachi Go

    Sachi Go

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    3:05 did he just say, "hot dog is inside"?

  64. Victoria B.

    Victoria B.

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    And this dude gets stung all the time and if fine after that

  65. Miguel Norat

    Miguel Norat

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    i heard a bone crack

  66. kerui Gong

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  67. zahid mahmood

    zahid mahmood

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  68. zahid mahmood

    zahid mahmood

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    How do you get arrested

  69. Alexis Hecker

    Alexis Hecker

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    Love my Dutchies, but they can be too damn smart for their own good.

  70. Kurtmiguel Jopia

    Kurtmiguel Jopia

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    Hi I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the Gun-Zone of the Pet Russian

  71. Adrian Mikhael

    Adrian Mikhael

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  72. Michael Infante

    Michael Infante

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    Did they loose subscribers or am I tripping

  73. •sHOoKY•


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    911: be like what the hellll Me : waiting * hang up* BWI yall

  74. •sHOoKY•


    14 napja

    Coyote : I've stolen a priceless loot Me : omg what's da tea i mean loot Still me: *mouth drops * Coyote: its a paw patrol backpack Me : omg I need that *dyles 911* 911: hello Me: yes I would like to have the newest and priceless paw patrol backpack sirrrrrrr

  75. Boiboi 747

    Boiboi 747

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    Now THAT, is a good Boi!

  76. Laura Sharpe

    Laura Sharpe

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  77. Trennen Tait

    Trennen Tait

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  78. Jeffrey Mitchell

    Jeffrey Mitchell

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    That dog was strong!

  79. •itz angel wolf xx

    •itz angel wolf xx

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  80. Kshiti TM

    Kshiti TM

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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the pain that this guy goes through to put this up for us to watch.

  81. Tan Le

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    The brand of Coyote's training coat is my friend's last name

  82. Gacha Shortie

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  85. Lo Yeeshing

    Lo Yeeshing

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    Me: gets bites by the dog it done my life ends here dies right in front of a cop Cop:get up and get arrested Me: me ded ☠️

  86. Rio Fuentevilla

    Rio Fuentevilla

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    Rio Fuentevilla

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    Driving skills 99% and the 1 % is him when he fell out XD

  92. Paul Douris

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    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

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  96. Aspen Carter

    Aspen Carter

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    Honestly...I’m so conflicted about K-9’s. They’re dogs, not humans...they don’t consciously understand that they sign up for getting shot at or stabbed, injured/killed by people...and they’re dogs that are trained to be vicious, relentless attackers. Even after trying to remove him the dog did not want to back down immediately, and tried going back to attack Coyote again. Doesn’t that make it hard for them to live lives like normal dogs? To just..give and receive love? To play without it being brutal? And somehow it doesn’t seem fair to release what’s basically a living shredder on someone. That’s much more terrifying than facing the human officers. Nonetheless I respect their work and love seeing loyal dogs do good deeds. Like I said, just conflicted..and I don’t fully understand.

  97. Mexxi Martin

    Mexxi Martin

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    Is it real that the guy put you in jail



    16 napja


  99. tammy pittman

    tammy pittman

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    It's a training video

  100. StickyBananaSky


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    Coyote: this is a bag of priceless loot *is a paw patrol backpack* *cops show up* **RUN** 20 minutes earlier Coyote: I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to commit felony